Friday, May 29, 2009

These shoes were made for.... wedding!

I finally purchased my shoes for the big day. Woohoo!

I did not want to spend a lot on my shoes...but when I saw these online, I fell in love. I knew they were the pair. Now, hopefully when they arrive they actually look nice, fit, and are comfy...fingers crossed. Please oh please.

Wedding planning has been pretty seamless thus far...I have been hitting up Goodwill like no tomorrow! I am going for a vintage themed Mason jars galore!

I will keep you updated on more wedding plans as we get closer to the date. Check out our wedding website!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh my goodness- What have I done???

For those of you who know me...what I am about to say will blow your mind. I have joined boot camp. Adventure boot camp to be exact. Beginning June 1, I will be waking up at 5 a.m., Monday - Friday, and partaking in this outdoor adventure...Oh my goodness. For the entire month of June I will be running, doing obstacle courses, boxing, etc....Hahaha- I feel sick to my stomach.

In all seriousness, this boot camp does look awesome! I just cannot believe that I signed up for it!!!

Goals for camp:

1. Actually go
2. Don't complain
3. Try not to keel over and die
4. Push both my physical and mental limits...

....Wish me luck. I will keep you updated!

Check it out!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An amazing store...amazing products...amazing service

I am officially obsessed with LUSH. "What is LUSH?" - you may ask...LUSH is an amazing fresh handmade cosmetic store full of goodies!!! The closest location to me would be in Scottsdale (a bit of a drive) but their website makes it easy to purchase the products. Check out their website

I have so many favorites...and my list of items that I want to try goes on and on...I will feature some of my favorites periodically throughout my posts. Here's the first one! It's called Buffy Body Butter...This product is amazing! It exfoliates and leaves your skin moisturized!!! No need for lotion after the shower...One of my favs.

Monday, April 27, 2009

...and I begin

My first post...What to say, what to say. I have been trying to figure out what Ashleykins' Corner should be about...This is a tough one. I think I have come up with the decision that my corner will be filled with a little bit of everything. A corner can be used for many things: a chair, lamp, bookshelf, etc. My corner will be the same- a little of this and a little of that. Want to find a yummy recipe, a cool store, a page-turning book, an inspirational quote, a heartwarming image....All of this can be found in my corner of the world...Or so I hope! :) Enjoy....